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Program FAQ

What happens after I submit my application?

After you submit your application and we have determined that you meet all of our program requirements, you will recieve an email detailing your next steps and required pre-work. 

What is Pre - work?

Pre-work is assigned after your application is submitted and you meet the course requirements. Pre-work will be sent to the email listed on your application and is a required component to continue to the next stage of applicant selection. The due date for pre-work changes for each program, please check your email for official date.

What happens after I submit my Pre - work?

After you submit your pre-work, you will be emailed with instructions to schedule an interview with the G{Code} team.

What criteria do I need to meet for the program?

Our programs are designed for a specific demographic. If you do not meet our criteria we encourage you to find other programs that fit your demographic and needs.   We encourage you to apply to G{Code} if you are... ​ 1. Black, Brown, Indigenous young woman or nonbinary person of color. 2. Between the ages of 18-25 3. Live in the United States 4. Have a high school diploma or GED 5. Be able to commit 10 hours a week to this program

When will interviews be scheduled?

Interview dates change each program. If you have been selected to begin the interview process, you will receive an email regarding scheduling an interview. Please follow the instructions in your email to schedule an interview with the G{Code} team.

What are interviews for?

Interviews are an assessment of participants' readiness and commitment to the program. Our programs are selective and rigorous, interviews ensure that applicants are ready to commit and excel in our programs.

If I am a G{Code} alumni, can I sign up for another program?

At this time we ask Intro to G{Code} (Intro to Web Dev) alumni not to apply to Intro to Data Analytics. We want to open our free programs to those who have not completed any before.

Can I apply to both programs?

Yes! You are welcome to apply to both programs. It is important to note that both programs run on the same day and time. If you are accepted you must choose which program to attend.

Program commitment

Please expect to spend 10 hours a week on program-related activities. This includes classes on Saturdays from 10am-2pm EST and additional classwork to be completed before the next class. This program is rigorous and requires ample preparation and dedication to complete the necessary coursework. 

I applied but haven't heard back, what do I do?

If you meet all the criteria for our application and have not heard back from us, check your spam folder and add us to your safe sending list to ensure you receive all further communication from If an email from us is not in your spam folder, please reach out to for further questions.

When is Pre-Work Due?

Intro to Web Dev Fall 2023 - July 28th

Intro to Data Analytics Summer 2023 - June 31st 

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