G{Code} House

G{Code} House is a proposed pilot program designed for young women and non binary people of color between the ages of 18 to 25 to unlock their potential and break into the tech industry as disruptive change makers. Cohorts will participate in intensive technical training and internships, living in the G{Code} House for the duration of the program.​


  • Invest in Youth: Communal spaces and shared experiences aiming to foster growth and connection outside of the classroom

  • Combat Gentrification: Preserve the character and history of the neighborhood while ensuring that women of color are integral to its revitalization

  • Empower Female and Non Binary Individuals: A safe space that is comfortable and domestic, an exterior atmosphere that is welcoming and community-oriented​

The program will include:

  • Up to 9 months of in-class technical training covering full stack web development

  • Up to 6 months of internship with placements amongst a Boston tech company

  • Mentorship for personal and professional development while transitioning into the workforce

  • Community time to cultivate long lasting relationships amongst cohort members and the G{Code} team

  • Safe, focused co-living, co-learning, and co-working space

Sample Schedule


Make communal breakfast


Yoga in the carriage house


Morning coding lecture


Exploratory learning and group activities


Lunch & Learn with Wayfair


Lab training and project work


Afternoon coding lecture


Personal financial planning dinner


Self-study and community time


Lights out

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