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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to Intro to G{Code} classes?

Intro to G{Code} coding bootcamp is open to Black, Brown, Indigenous women and nonbinary people of color between the ages of 18-25.

How much does the boot camp cost?

Intro to G{Code} classes are FREE!

How long is the boot camp and when are classes held?

The program is 12 weeks long and classes are on Saturday's from 10 am - 2 pm EST.

How often are G{Code} classes held?

Every season brings a new cohort! We host four cohorts a year. If you miss the application for one cohort, there will be another in a few months!

Can I be a volunteer?

Yes! We have a variety of roles for volunteers. For more information, please visit our volunteer page to find more information!

How can I donate?

Please visit our I Fund Women campaign to donate!

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